Educational counseling

Educational Counseling
Stockholm counselors initially identify the educational level and career goals of the student, which allows our advisors to provide important information to continue his academic studies, by helping the student to identify and know the available study destinations that often represent confusion for the student in choosing. Also, adequate and fruitful consultations will be provided to the student about studying abroad and providing him with all the details in different countries about universities and institutes, the costs of study and living that suit his budget, and other urgent questions without which the student will not be able to successfully plan to study abroad. In addition, our advisors answer all student inquiries that help paint an integrated picture about his educational experience.
Choose your destination and specialization
After the student collects information to study abroad and has a clear vision, he will choose the appropriate country to study in and the study program by filling out our application form for academic admission and uploading documents such as (certificates, passport copy, any other requirements required by his advisor) (Apply Now) Apply Now

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